Let me just start by saying that the last few days have been so crazy. From people in the hospital for little viruses to big scary cancers, to relying on the wrong people and the wrong things to make me feel better, to falling back into old chains and old patterns and living for a moment… Continue reading faith


Routines have begun to be so important to me. In the past few months of trying to get my life together, I've started to value the importance of schedules and planners and adjusting my daily routine. I’ve started to develop a nightly routine in the last few months, and every night is always the same… Continue reading light

heart check

we live in a time where people care about how something sounds more than what it actually says. if it is hashtag worthy or flows together nicely and has some vague meaning about “life is good” people eat it up. the one that sticks out for me most is “follow your heart.” its written all… Continue reading heart check

a mini dose of encouragement

sometimes, we have a lot going on. things might not be going in the direction we'd like, our plans might be falling apart. our souls and spirits might be hurting. we go to the doctor when our bodies are sick, why wouldn't we do the same for our spirits? here is a small dose of… Continue reading a mini dose of encouragement


When we hear the word “rebound” applied to modern day relationships, we usually think of a person that is used purely for the intent of getting over another person.  Which is why, when God put this thought in my head, I was completely confused. “Let me be your rebound,” He told me. Rebound? God wants… Continue reading re-bound

storm clouds

This is going to be a short (but hopefully sweet) little post about a really cool way God spoke to me last night. The last couple of days have been a whirlwind of emotion for me. It seems like I’ve felt every emotion under the sun- happiness, sadness, anger, confusion, shame, fear, guilt, and ultimately… Continue reading storm clouds

my worth, His purpose

Today, as I flew to Chicago, I read Genesis 1, the story about creation, while I was in the air. Even though I was basically seeing buildings and flat lands underneath me, looking out at the horizon and the different colors of something so simple as the sky made me realize that there’s really nothing… Continue reading my worth, His purpose

trust God’s timing

“Just trust God’s timing.” I think I speak for just about anyone who considers themselves a Christian that this statement is something we’ve heard again and again and again and again. When we want prayers answered, for ourselves or for our loved ones, we have to remind ourselves that God does everything in His time.… Continue reading trust God’s timing